3 Replies to “Gratitude, School, Newspapers and Periods”

  1. In no particular order….I am grateful for my working body. I am grateful for my overwhelmed mind. I am grateful for the friends that I have made my family. I am grateful for the house I live in. I am grateful for the modern conveniences that I take advantage of everyday. I am grateful to live in this country. I am grateful that even though I think the 2 politicians who are contending to be our Prime Minister that there will not be war over it. I am grateful for my husband. I am grateful for my kids. I am grateful for my humour. I am grateful for my ability to choose. I am grateful 🙂

  2. I’m grateful that I have no insurmountable problems, that although my kids might drive me to the brink they’re generally good kids who have only ever gone hungry through choice; have only worn clothes that are too small or ripped because they’re absolute favourites that simply MUST not be given away or discarded; have glasses with the appropriate prescription to correct vision imbalance.
    I’m grateful that I can speak my mind, go for a walk, live in my home without fearing for my life.
    Grateful that I am healthy, that I have had the luxury of being lazy and overweight, and that I have the ability to DO something about it.
    And mostly I’m grateful that I know women all over this awesome country who think along the same lines that I do, and who are outraged by unfairness and DO something about it 🙂

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