Great Aspirations and a visit to Parliament House

Breakky and off we went to do some sight seeing.

First stop was Parliament House, which we had to visit to show Monkey Boy where he would be working when he was (is) Prime Minister. In we went and had a good look around, visiting the various rooms and displays featured in the building.

Monkey Boy then asked where the room was that Kevin Rudd swore in, so we set off on a mission to find just where the infamous tirade took place. Unable to verify where the incident occurred, I merely suggested that Monkey Boy go and ask at the information desk if he wanted to know so badly.

So off he went, by himself, and asked the very nice lady behind the desk where the “swearing room is”. He then came back and informed me that they don’t have one at Parliament House (liars). Then he said that the lady told him his mum was telling him bad things.

“Did she really?” I enquired.

“No. It’s what I said.” he replied.

At which point we left and spent the afternoon with both Monkey Boy and Godzilla making up “RuddSwears” (after having been introduced to the Potter Puppet Pals on You Tube and their skit on Wizard Swears). So it was a fun afternoon for all involved …

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