Great birthday party ideas from other mums

Godzilla’s birthday is coming up this weekend.

Bad timing, really, what with Mums’ Night Out! being scheduled for when it is and Easter and school holidays and Mother’s Day and all kinds of things like that. He really could have timed it better, but what can you do?

Being Godzilla, he has his set ways of doing things. It’s not that he wants or deosn’t want a birthday party, its just that he thinks its the way things are done, therefore, a birthday party must be had. And it must follow a set formula. He gets a smidge confused when you change the plans.

Thankfully, he did inform me, whilst I was having a lovely chat with the school principal this morning, that “you have to make a cake and bring it in for my birthday tomorrow”.

He wasn’t being rude. He was just calmly stating a fact.

I don’t really want to do one, although the stress relief would be nice.

I also don’t really feel up to a party. Last year I stupidly suggested he invite a handful of friends over after school for a play and high-sugar food.

It wasn’t pretty. I was even less so.

The mum of one of these friends, however, had a brilliant idea when it was her son’s birthday. She invited a small group along for an “excursion” involving trains and ferries and Scienceworks and all manner of places her son liked. Fish and chips for lunch, wandering around and just having a lovely time.

Not a bad idea.

I wonder if she’ll do the same for my son … I guess if you don’t ask ….

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