A Great (in)Sane Adventure Update

I thought it might be a nice thing to do to give you a bit of an update on where I’m at with my Great (in)SANE Inspired Adventure goings on.

Mostly because soooo many of you have given me support in one way or another. Mostly in donations – thank you very much – but also sharing my crazy ideas with those around you. Feel free to carry on doing so; I could still use more donations, and lots more sharing and love.

I do need to give a very, very big thank you to the wonderful Nerida at Admin Bandit, who not only said some lovely things about me and what I do for raising awareness of mental health, and supporting those with mental illness, she then went and donated an amount that made me sob out loud.

There was snot and everything. So … yeah, thanks for that, Nerida and Admin Bandit.

Just so you know I’m not just sitting back and hassling you all for money every couple of days or so, I have been doing other stuff, too. Indeed a few weeks back, around the time of the Easter-type activities, I organised a Hot Cross Bun morning tea at Corporate Land, where they are utilising my worderating skills for various, in-house projects.

Alas, communication can be somewhat inconsistent in such confines, and it turns out another department on my floor were also having a Hot Cross Bun morning tea.

The bakery department at William Angliss Institute had so very generously donated 30 dozen –

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