So, How Was My Great (in)SANE Inspired Adventure?

Hello. I’m back from my Great (in)SANE Inspired Adventure.

I’ve been back almost a week. It was today, a week ago, that we left Beijing, after first scouring the markets for the final time, and pee-ing off a lot of market stall holders; this time, we’d learnt to haggle and haggle well!

I don’t think they were prepared for us.

So … “how was it?” is the question I am oft asked. Which is fair enough, too 🙂

Honestly. I really don’t know how to answer that adequately, other than just say “amazing” without elaborating.

How do you articulate the magnificence of it all; of the structre, the landscape, the immensity, the atmosphere of the Wall itself?

I’ve attempted “It’s just the vibe of the thing”, but that’s not deemed a terribly suitable response. From my perspective, that’s what most adequately sums in up.

How do you describe the sheer audacity of its creators and constructors? The unfathomability of the project itself? Just how incomprehensible it all seems when you see it in real life?

Not to mention the fact that right there, in the middle of some tower you’ve just walked kimometeres of steep, uneven, man-made terrain, there is a shop selling noodles, tea, coffee, Coca-Cola and beer. Manned (personned) by a local villager, who has walked to their ‘job’, carring all this stuff.


I know this doesn’t answer your question, so I’ll try my best.

We only traversed the areas of the Great Wall (Ch

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