Guess who?!

My inexplicable fatigue of yesterday is explained upon waking this morning with sore throat and chest.

Yup, that’ll do it.

Scored myself a few hours of work this morning, whilst Grumpy tended to kids, put a CD on and wandered around the house singing Monty Python songs very loudly … “Oh, isn’t it awfully nice to have a pe-nis …”

And me thinking I’d rather his penis had a bit more consideration and allowed his brain to do some of the work and shut the fuck up so I could work effectively.

Shuttled Monkey Boy to a birthday party just after lunch.

Grumpy Pants heads of to work and I decide, due to sore throatage, that Taking The Afternoon Off is the best idea. It would have been better had I thought of having a wine with that, but it didn’t cross my mind. Sadly.

Chippie fell asleep just after 10am and didn’t wake till nearly 3! Awesome. But concerning. At least he woke up happy, not like he did at 6.27 this morning.

Having one child down makes a huge difference to the atmosphere of the house. Having only one to contend with for a bit altered things dramatically. He was playing Mario Bros. when I arrived home and lay on the couch with my latest Book Club book.

Tempted though I was to leave him play for several hours, I know this can only lead to Revolting Child later on. Besides, I was bored, so needed to stir up some trouble Self-imposed time of work is only valuable at a suitable time. Ie, not now.

Thus it was how we came to be playing Guess Who? on the couch in the mid-afternoon. Willing away time until I had to cellect eldest child and peace would be restored by bringing chaos and sibling-war-zone to my Thomasn and Friends and Lego littered lounge room.

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