Happy Mother's Day

One of the things about having youngish kids, is that they enjoy Mother’s Day more than you do.

And wake up early so they can wake you up so they can unwrap your presents for you anway.

In the case of the four year old, he will tell you what you’re getting before the badly wrapped package is presented in the first place.

This year I scored a book that I don’t already have, and some earrings purchased at the school Mother’s Day Stall. And a card made at school.


It was insisted upon – tantrum style – that I stay in bed until I had eaten breakky. Which previously mentioned four year old helped me to consume.

Then got to relay the FABULOUS night I had had last night at Mums’ Night Out!

What a Night. Got to meet some fabulous Mums from Business Mums and Real Mums. Lots of photos we’re taken, and we even had a professional photographer their. Yup, we were Zhooshed!

Bad Mother’s Club was launched and a new, specially written CD – 24-7 Maid – was released.

The Real Mum of the Year Award was presented.

And we finished the night off with the most delicious, scrumptious, adults only (not rude, just giving them to kids wouldbe

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