He does it EVERY time!

Decided a “day off from work” was the way to go, which means, for me anyway, leaving the house!

A Family Day was in order, and, for some reason, I decided it should require a lot of walking along some sort of bush path. I made them get trackies and runners on, and succeeded, despite the amount of whinging flung at me.

No trains this weekend … our usual family day out. Something different for a change.

Packed some bribery in the form of lollies and biscuits, filled some water bottles, and ensured everyone had jumpers.

Had to ensure … they’re bloody hopeless and hate wearing jumpers. I understand. But it can get very, very cold. Figured the getting jumpers myself was less hassle than listening to the whinging.

Set off for some falls that Grumpy and I used to visit before kids, only to discover you can walk about 10 metres before they have blocked off the path! Argh! When did that happen?

(OK, so we haven’t been in 8 years, but still ….)

Drove around for a bit, checking out the local scenery …

“Look,” Grumpy states, pointing at two statues of alpaca. “What are they?”

Godzilla looks in awe, then informs us “Oooh, I saw a stoned cat!”

Hmm, we bet you did.

Went for warm lunch at local pub, which appeared, upon initial entry, to be packed full and we were directed to a table in the far corner away from everyone else. Once things cleared, I realised we were sitting somewhat alone, away from the rest of the diners, around a corner.

A bit miffed at first, then thankful, as Monkey Boy commenced drawing pictures of Shrek on the (fortunatley paper) table cloth and Godzilla found it absolutely hilarious to say, at the top of his voice, that they were going to “FART FART AWAY!”

Yes, I thought it hilarious, too.

Time to go. I voted for a walk at a nearby walking trail, State forest thing, and Grumpy wanted hot chocolate at the nearby town in the opposite direction.

Bloody cold, jumperless children wanted hot chocolates, too.

Grumble, grumble.

As we drive into the town, what does Monkey Boy spot?

And, how come he can spot it, when it took 45 bloody minutes to spot his shoes this morning? The very shoes that were

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