It's not my fault

A lovely morning. A big walk again.

Kids at their respective places of learning and me getting a LOT of work done.

Picked them up and returned home. Rather than annoy me, they decided to go play together nicely.

For about 3.2 seconds. Then Godzilla screamed (surprise, surprise) because he looked at something so Monkey Boy hit him (surprise, surprise).

Decided to leave it for, oooh, um, several hours.

Until Monkey Boy screamed! This was unusual. A big wail, lots of crying and tears.

I ran up to the room – that Mother Reaction – to find Godzilla walking down the hall.

“What did you do?”


“You did something. What did you do?”

“Nuffing” Argh!

Monkey Boy isĀ sitting in a tent holding his head and crying.

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