Help a Mad Cow and her family out, please?

Here’s the deal … you know that saying “No rest for the wicked?”

Well, if that’s the case, I’m this close to ousting Satan from his throne. Just saying.

Cos I also love a good night out, I was compelled, although I’d entertained the thought of not doing it this year, to organise yet another Mums’ Night Out!

So I did – it happened a month ago – and it was brilliant, and because I am physically and psychologically incapable of doing anything like “hey, join me for a comedy show” and leaving it at that, I organised some fantastic businesses to join me in spoiling mums and donating some awesome products for some goody bags that I gave away on the night.

(You can check out those awesome businesses here)

Here’s what else … I’m being forced, against my will, to research high schools for my oldest, and kindergartens for my youngest. I’d prefer to leave it till the last minute, but that, apparently, is forbidden. I’m muddling through some therapies for my middlest child. I’m doing some major renovations on my website, running a business, writing a book (it’s nearly done!) and various other resources, my husband is being screwed around by his workplace and screwing us around even more with some semblance of “routine” and “stablity” in our lives … oh, and whilst we’re here, our house is on the market, and we’ve just signed up with a new real estate agent, and despite us having ‘decluttered’ already, they would like us to ‘declutter’.

The gorgeous sponsors have all sent me too much stuff … and I really, really need to get it out of my office. Not just for the opens for inspection, but so I can actually get into my office.

So, I’m ‘selling’ the remaining goody bags from Mums’ Night Out! that I have left over.

By ‘selling’ I mean you pay only the cost of postage and handling … the bags and their goodies are valued at over $100 and you can have one for $19.97 (or you can have more than one at $19.97 each).

I’ve offloaded some, and have about seven left (as of right now) … can you help us out and help me get my office back?

Every day the boxes and bags sit here is another day I yell at my kids – so it’s YOUR FAULT I’m a grumpy arse bitch, ok?


Seriously, though, you’d be doing me a massive favour – massive!

You can purchase your Mums’ Night Out! 2012 Goody Bag (and see what’s n them)

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