Helping Your Child Deal With the Death of a Pet

I’ll admit that over the last few months there have been moments when the balls have dropped.

Not all at the same time, unless you count the three consecutive mornings AND evenings where I put my shoes on before I put my pants on (mornings) and slippers on before I put my jarmy pants on (evenings).

The odd thing here and there, although mostly I’m keeping it all together. Sometimes I’ll forget to get something out for dinner, but that’s usually the days I don’t do it and it’s the fourteen-year-old’s responsibilty.

Those days, I’ll usually get a call saying “What are we having for dinner?” and I have to think about something even though it hasn’t entered my mind at all, at any point during the day.

My reply, more often than not, is “Pasta? I dunno. Do we have any bacon for a vegetarian pasta?”

I have a system for remembering school excursions and other things like that, and for paying for camps and trips and extra curricula stuff.

I’m just not around so much to do my usual level of reminding, which the kids refer to as nagging, them to do things.

When I am around, I’m usually catching up on a few hours work that I wasn’t able to do at the office, or working on my own stuff.

Mind you, the whole reminding stuff has precisely the same impact as it always has. I can say anything I want at home, really, because no one listens to me anway.

So, after yet another weekend of “Have you changed your hermit crab’s water?” reminding, a thing which I know believe is merely habitual because I have to say it

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