Here's a little spread what you're doing wrong

There are some things in life that make me exclaim, either in my head or out loud, What. The. Fuck?!

This is one of those such moments, were I discover the lovely people over at Kraft – the makers of Vegemite – have created a My First Vegemite

For the little tackers. Awww, isn’t that cute?

It comes complete with extra B vitamins, a “toned down” flavour and half the salt – pardon me, sodium content – of the regular kind.

The former-health-nut-before-I-became-a-realist in me is nodding and saying “yep, awesome, half the salt content, gotta be good”.

The rest of me – the realist is screaming a number of things. I think what is irking me most is the name: My First Vegemite. I mean, if they’d taken the regular stuff, halved the salt sodium content and just sold it with a bit sticker saying “now with reduced sodium” I woulda probably grumbled a bit about adulterating an iconic food before even trying it.

No, I can’t help but feel

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  1. OMG!!!! This is insane…. My 6yo was just hospitalised for 3 days due to lack of sodium….. Don’t these people realise that we actually NEED sodium in our diets and what sodium you get in the less than teaspoon of vegemite that is spread across your bread or cracker is not going to cause a problem but actually give us the nice small portions that we need for a healthy balanced diet!!!!!

  2. Something else that I won’t be buying then.

    Just a thought – why don’t they just offer a salt-reduced one aimed at everyone. Or if ‘they’ are so worried about the salt content then just make a new one altogether (‘cept I wouldn’t actually buy it unless it tasted the same)

    WTF indeed!

  3. Also, the whole sodium thing… Most sodium in our diets is hidden, it’s in things we don’t tend to think of. Cheese, biscuits, sandwich meats. Yes, the ham and cheese you give then every day is just as “bad” as the vegemite.

    As I said on my latest blog post, ultimately most of our kids will turn out petty good, it takes a LOT of effort (or lack of effort) to fuck up a kid!

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