Hidden Camera #86

It is common knowledge I am not a morning person. In fact, I believe any time pre-8.37am is “middle of the night”.

It then takes me until 10am-ish to be remotely functional, and only vaguely less grumpy than post my first MUG of the morning. I even own “Grumpy” pyjamas. Just in case someone forgets what I’m like in the mornings.

Grumpy Pants, my dearly beloved, is no less Grumpy. Monkey Boy, my eldest, was and is a great sleeper, sleeping till 8.30am from the age of 6 days old. Chippie wakes early, but is not less grumpy than the rest of us.

Godzilla …. Godzilla on the other hand, sometimes we can’t help but wonder if he was swapped at birth. He has always been an early riser. At mere months old, he could wake pre-6am and be happy! HAPPY! Apart from me being in complete denial that time even exsits, I am unable to fathom how anyone can be happy at that hour. Or, you know, able to perform certain tasks. Like .. leaning on the kitchen bench for example.

This is an example of Godzilla in the mornings. Unfortunately, he is somewhat subdued in this video; quieter than usual. This goes on whilst the rest of us are in bed wanting to die due to earliness of hour (7.30am). I”m putting his listlessness down to the fact that he’d been on the go for a good hour and a half before this was set up unbeknownst to him. By “good hour and a half” I mean “torturous”.

I get to experience this every morning. Kill me, kill me now.

(If you listen carefully, I believe there is a point where he starts singing about bums. And vaginas. All very much standard … *sigh*)

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  1. He’s very talented. When he was two he sung ALL of “Twinkle, twinkle” using only the word “bum”


    Mrs Woog – it is lovely at the right time. Before I’m out of bed, or when I’m just out is never a good time.

    the subsequent video -taken 5 minutes later, is the same, but also includes a toddler … sigh

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