Hit a Brick With Family Day

Family Day has come around, yet again. Although, the last few weeks we just haven’t been able to manage it.

One kid going away here, another kid off to parties there, yet another kid with a better social life than I …

We’ve been busy.

So an invitation to the VIP pre-launch of the LEGO Brick Zone, which will be functioning during the upcoming school holidays, at Watergardens Town Centre was just what the Family needed.

Also, it was something I knew they’d all like and I didn’t have to think too much about what to do. Great timing!

Admittedly, it was a bit of an effort for all of us to get out of bed, and we were forced to forgo the usual Sunday Morning Pancakes that we make Grumpy Pants cook for us each week, and off we went.

I did, inevitably, kick off with a coffee. I must.


It was a very special event indeed, not least because we were able to meet with, and speak to, LEGO Man Dude Person Whose Job It Is To Play With LEGO All Day, Building Stuff And Travelling The World.

Monkey Boy was most in his element.


Ryan McNaught (aka LEGO Builder Man Dude) then took us on a ‘tour’ of sorts. Basically, he has some of his creations around the shopping centre. So we went and had a bit of a squizz at them and he had a bit of a chat with us about why he built them, how long the took, how many bricks were included and that sort of stuff.

He is really a remarkably talented person! I’m in awe at what he can do with several hundred handfuls of highly sophisticated interlocking pieces of plastic.



Back to the Brick Zone which has been set up with kids of various ages and interests in mind. This impresses me greatly … there’s no fighting over stuff, and there’s a bit trough down the middle of the tables to house bits of LEGO. I also suspect this may be to reduce the risk of bricks ending up on the floor and being stood on, thereby creating some kind of agonised scream that could potentially rupture the eardrums of other shopping centre patrons.

And probably shatter the ceilings and entrances.

A huge accident risk, averted, really.

Anyhoo, all the kids got into it, including the biggest one.

lbz-05 lbz-04

Then we made our way to a VIP viewing of the

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