Hmm, at least I know where I stand

Rush around day, and dinner out tonight.

Monkey Boy, who has added a robot obsession (not Robots the movie, just robots in general) to his train obsession, insisted on wearing the new shirt with robots on the front.

The one that I bought when I finally got around to buying him some new clothes. Ones which would actually fit. His long sleeve shirts were coming to his elbows, so thought it time to get him some that actually were long sleeves. On him.

Mad search through the washing basket, 5 minutes after we had to leave, because there was really no point in getting dressed half an hour earlier when Mummy suggested it because “we have to leave in half an hour”, shirt located and proudly donned.

Dinner done and home we go. As he’s getting into his pyjamas he informs me that “I want this shirt washed and ready to wear by Friday.”


“Right. And what do I look like to you?”

Before I could get the words “A maid?” out, he looked at me like I was a tad deranged and said “A laundry. One that goes fast as a bullet!”

Stumped. I had no comeback for that one.

Other than “well, but it in the red bucket. If its not in the red bucket it won’t get washed.”

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