Hmm, better do that ….

Took one look at Monkey Boy’s shoes this morning.

Not a good idea. Have been saying for some time now “hmm, you really need some new shoes”.

This morning confirmed it. Not sure how they’re still in one piece. Possibly because the only peice remaining is the top, as the soles have worn completely down. That he is also continuing to wear summer type shoes in the cold is a whole different argument.

And one I am not prepared to delve into every bloody morning.

So off to DFO we go. That’s always fun. NOT!

(Well, actually, its loads of fun. When its just me. Or me and a friend. Or me and a group of friends. But not me and him.)

Went to the shop I was sure I could get not just the shoes I wanted, but also a good bargain.


So, off we wandered (picked up some much needed shoes for myself, which is also very important), shop after shop. No shoes suitable, in his size or affordable. No navy blue tracksuit pants for school in his size.

Please don’t make me walk around here all day with a seven year old boy and come out with nothing. For him.

Half way around started the whinging. I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m bored. But I’m always prepared for this.

“Oooh, handbags, lets go in here!”

Then I resort to the “If you keep whinging like that I’m going to make you go into every shop that I want to go into!!!!”

Shuts him up real quick. Usually takes only one shoe or handbag shop for him to get the message.

Eventually stepped into a shop that I almost bypassed, and there they were! Perfect shoes for him, just perfect. And, what’s that … no longer $79.95, but $49.95! Hooray.

But, no … on closer inspection ….


Made him sit down and try a pair on while I snaffled three boxes, gotta grab a pair for Godzilla as well, and maybe the next size up for Monkey Boy. Not easy trying to get him to try shoes one while I’m busily protecting my potential future purchases.

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