Hmmm … maybe.

My kids have taken to asking me things when I am otherwise incredibly distracted; writing articles, working on my book, cooking dinner that is far to complex for my simple mind … and, as I have no clue what they’ve actually asked me, I often reply “Maybe”.

This is a dumb response, as it sparks an avalanch of “Can I?”s and I can’t help but be distracted by them.

Also, when I say “have taken to” this is crap. It’s innate. I do believe all kids do it at all times. I just couldn’t think how to start the sentence as I was being asked something innane that I ignored …

After dinner this evening, as I was trying to comprehend the wants of the three-year-old, who has taken to “I want a drink of milk” followed immediately by “I don’t want milk!” and the cycle repeated until an implosion is imminent, Monkey Boy says “Can I have a drink of Milo?”

At my blank stare, because it just hasn’t filtered to the bit of my brain that problem-solve such questions, he adds “Maybe?”

Unfortunately, we both have that song by that chick,

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