Holiday Variety

The Easter Bunny came, bearing heaps of chocolate for the kids.

It’s at these times that I most feel like The Best Mum In The World. I’ve taken on another role (that of Easter Bunny) and done it successfully.

I am soooooo good. I have made my children ecstatically happy – they are all smiles, excited and well behaved. And this is before they’ve consumed any chocolate at all.

Then I realise that I get none of the bloody credit, they think I’m crap and the Easter Bunny is the Best In The World.

I soon get back at them by stealing their chocolate, consuming it in the back of the wardrobe and blaming the Easter Fairies.

Or their father.

Head off after eggs for breakfast (the kind with M&M’s in the middle) to spend the day with …. trains.

Yup, head to Queenscliffe where Thomas the Tank Engine is making an appearance and we get to spend the day riding steam trains and having our faces painted.

The highlight of the day was having someone run up the back of us at a set of lights. No-one hurt, but at least it broke the monotony (and may result in car actually being washed).

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