Home Alone

Felt another walk was in order, so off I toddled when I awoke.

(after two MUGS of coffee, checking my e-mails and reading what I could salvage of the paper after removing it from that platic wrap with no ends!! only to have it taken from me when the Grumpy One got up and went outside to read it.)

Feeling good, I kissed the husband, walked back through the house to kiss the kids (one still sleeping), and off I set.

Feeling so motivated, was I, that I thought, no I will go the long way today. And so I did. Up and down hills, no run today.

Returning home after 40 or so minutes, I walk inside to find two little boys, happily playing trains.

And no daddy.

Littlest boy races up for a cuddle, and informs me that “Daddy did leave us, too.”

What the …? What is going on!?

Even for him, that’s odd behaviour.

I make another coffee and some breakfast, pondering the problem (the kids seemed happy enough, and I had endorphins kicking around my body, combined with 40 minutes on my own, so it was hard to get stressed) and I gaze out the back, to find Grumpy sitting outside, reading the paper.

Just where I’d left him.

And where he’d remained, because I’d inadvertently locked him out!

Ah, whoops.

I guess it just makes up for his inability to shut the bloody door in the first place. Ever!

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