Honesty really is best. For getting stuff done.

Honesty is the best policy, I always think.

So, I was honest.

I left to pick the kids up. Walking, Chippie in pram.

I hate plugging kids into car seats. So I didn’t.

At the point of no return, it started raining. Argh!

It stopped when I got under shelter at school.

Monkey Boy found me almost immediately, and Godzilla couldn’t be found at all. Not sure how he missed me, as I was standing at a point where he had to pass me no matter which way he went. Obviously, he went a different way altogether.

We did the me going one way to look for him and him going another looking for me, until we finally crossed paths, him beside himself and teary, and me frustrated.

Attempt to set off home, and it starts bucketing down, so we wait it out in a classroom.

Off we go.

Tanties over who gets the umbrella out from under the pram, who opens it, who holds it. So, I took it, only to be told I was wearing a jumper with a hood, so I didn’t need it.

More tanties, so I did the “I’ll have it and not share if you don’t stop” thing.

See, honesty.

Then, the “I’m cold, I’m hungry, I’m tired” started.

I explained that if they just shut up and we walked instead of whinged, we would be home, in the warm, sitting down and eating sooner rather than later.

We arrive home, and I stupidly ask for some help so that I was able to provide them with their dinner much sooner than if I didn’t have their help.

“We don’t want to help. We’re tired” was the (inevitable) response, despite the (I felt) very logical explanation of why their assitance was beneficial to them.

I even played on their egotistical, self-centered selfishness – it is all about you that I’m asking for help!

So, that’s when I decided the Honesty, Best Policy thing.

“I’m tired, too. I’m grumpy, too. And I don’t feel like cooking your dinner tonight, so I’m not going to. So, there!”

Smarty bum eight year old thinks he has it all worked out.

“But you have to cook yourself something, so you might as well make us something, too.”


So I sat on the couch with a glass of wine and a chocolate teddy bear biscuit. Ok, packet of chocolate teddy bear biscuits. And some cheese and crackers.

You don’t want to be missing out on any food groups.

And I didn’t share!

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