Hooray! He got it

Happily sitting watching So You Think You Can Dance.

Whilst I do derive some joy from eating leftover mudcake whilst watching Biggest Loser I do feel somewhat ashamed when watching SYTYCD, and set about pretending am prima ballerina (I stopped ballet when I was 10) and remember I reallyshould do some stretches.

Hard work!

So there I am, happy and alone and Monkey Boy comes out. He, too, likes SYTYCD. After our evening earlier, I allowed him to sit with me, giving him a cuddle, quietly discussing a few things in the ads and firmly letting him know that he had to go to bed at 9.

Several times. At 9.05. Gee he’s good.

And off he went.

Only to return.

And sent to bed again.

And return, 10 minutes later.

And back to bed.

And visit again.


“I just want to see the top 20,” cute “puppy dog” face, oozing “I love you, Mummy, but only if you let me stay up and watch.”

“NO! Go to bed. I am NOT dealing with grumpiness in morning, now go!”

“I love you, Mummy, I want to stay up with you, because I love you.”

“I seriously think you like me being grumpy,” I inform him. “Do you actuallylike me being angry and yelling at you.”

Looking at me like I’m an idiot “No. Who would want that? You’re crazy.”

“Right. So why are you pushing the buttons that make me grumpy and angry and yell at you?”

“Ah, right. You have a good point there,” and off he went to bed.

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