Friend rang last night, and she’s coming today. With her kids, and their trains. Complete with fresh, new batteries!

(The trains, not the kids)

And we’re going off to visit our friend in hospital while Grumpy Pants watches all four kids.


“When is she coming? What time will she be here? Is she bringing the trains? She said she would put batteries in them, do they have batteries in them?”

We couldn’t get out the door quick enough when they arrived – train set was unpacked and half assembled within 20 seconds, and we hopped in the car.

Grumpy comes running out after us as we drive out of the garage “How long will you be?”

“Um, shouldn’t be long, an hour and half.”

Off we drive, when my friend remembers … and calls out the window as we are driving off “Oh, yeah if you need anything, its in the green bag! The little one is still in nappieeeeeeess!”

Three and a half hours later, we return home. Whoopsie.

But Grumpy did well – no fights, and one nappy change.

I am impressed.

“Mum. When are they coming back? Can you make another play date with them? And get them to bring the trains again?”

Um, can I wait until they’re at least out of the driveway before answering that. And maybe I should wait till they’re home so I can actually contact them.

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