Horror of Horrors!!!


It only 9 days to go until Mums’ Night Out! 2008 and all my friends are gossiping about what they’re wearing and they will all be looking gorgeous.

I , on the other hand, am resembling an obese dugong with extraordinarily large breasts!

Despite everyone telling me I’m “not huge” at all. Just goes to show what they know!

WORST!! The two dresses that have been loaned to me don’t fit! Argh!

One is too big, and the other too small.

Tried on nice green strappy frock which shows belly off beautifully. I think a pregnant belly in a tight dress looks just stunning.

Except when that pregnant belly is mine, of course. And the boobs!!!!! Strappy frock not working well for boobs.

That’s it!

I’m not going. I don’t care if its my party! I’m not going if I can’t wear the dress that I WANT and everyone is going to look GORGEOUSER than me!


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  1. “Dugongs are large grey mammals … and weigh 400 kilograms.”

    According to http://www.environment.gov.au/coasts/species/dugongs/index.html


    It’s a word my husband is currently not allowed to say in my presence – after he was nearly stabbed during my first pregnancy, when I was trying to have a midday snooze and couldn’t due to discomfort, and he said I reminded of him of “elephants, who can’t lie down to sleep becuase their weight crushes them”

    Full of useful information is my husband. Mostly at inappropriate times. Soon to be full of stab wounds if he is not careful 😀

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