Hot Cross Bun – How do you have yours?

The lovely folk at Baker’s Delight wanted to know how I eat my hot cross bums.

Sorry, hot cross bums.

ARGH! Hot cross BUNS!

I have clearly spent far too long around the children these school holidays and “bum” being one of the Words Of The Day, along with another few that I will not repeat in a review post, but all of which pertain to various body parts that are usually contained and located within underpants.

I apologise …

Anyhoo, a selection of gourmet spreads, including stawberry jam, lemon curd, caramel sauce and an orange blossom honey were sent our way to trial and test with our plethora of Baker’s Delight hot cross BUNS!

A light grilling and the buns were ready for consumption and the offspring stormed into the room in an attempt to devour as many as they could.

Godzilla – he of the over-consumer of fruit – determined that he didn’t want the ones with fruit in them, and preferred only the chocolate ones.

Monkey Boy, not a lover of sweet things, went for the traditional, and Chippie went for everything.

Grumpy Pants took the job very seriously, with comments like “even spread of fruit” and “right level of spice”.

I just tried them – not the chocolate ones, I can’t do chocolate hot cross buns or chocolate croissants or anything like that, I just can’t – with each of the spreads. Not, obviously, all the spreads on the one bun-half, but a bun-half, lightly toasted to a golden brown, with one topping, and another one with a different spread and so on and so forth until I had sampled them all.

At the end of it all – for me, anyhoo – nothing goes past a hot hot cross bun with butter, ever so slightly melted into it.



How about you? How do you eat yours?

Also, you do know it’s THIS Friday, right, that is Hot Cross Bun day? You got enough?

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