How am I supposed to work in these conditions?

A regular “discussion” between Grumpy Pants and I is around my working hours. Usually defined as “whenever I get the bloody chance and when you lot leave me bloody alone to do some bloody work!”

Those are my set working hours, then there’s the ones I can negotiate with the rest of the family.

Which I did last night. I stated that I needed the hours this morning to do some work, and that they were to pretend I was not home. Better still, if they could leave the house and let me do some work for a set number of hours that would be great.

“OK” he said. Which could mean “OK” or that he was just saying it to shut me up.

To be on the safe side, I reminded him again this morning.

“Remember, you agreed, I need some time to work this morning. You remember?”

Of course he did. I could tell by his response.

“Show us your tits!”

Oh the joys of being a WAHM!

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