How Can I Work In These Conditions Part 23

Ah the joys of being a self-employed business owner who works from home.

Especially one who is married to a Chef.

Because, you see, I thought, stupidly it now appears, that as he is home on Thursdays, as is the Toddler, that I would be granted my “For fucks sake, just leave me alone and let me do some work!!!” request that I asked so nicely.

No. It seems he will sit on the other computer in the office and play solitaire so I have “click, click, clickclickclick” going on and pissing me off and distracting me. Followed by “go and see your mother” (who is write in the middle of writing a chapter for a book) to the Toddler who is equally pissed off, only displays his pissed offedness by screaming LOUDLY!

Then, some schoolgirl-like giggling and demanding I “look at this”

3 Replies to “How Can I Work In These Conditions Part 23”

  1. Your home looks just like mine. I like to call it ‘lived-in chic’. 🙂

    I can sympathise with the work from home dramas. If my husband is at home, the kids will staill walk past him to come and ask me a question even if I’m working. So frustrating.

    As for the Fat Controller, I’m sure that there are a variety of puns that I could work into a comment, but I think I shall choose the higher path and simply say ‘Oh dear’. (I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s remarks, however).

  2. Ok sorry I had to laugh at the Fat controller… he looked kind of excited to see you!! haha! Yes, very juvenile of me!

    How cute are your kids? I have the same thing… only a 15 yr old, 8 yr old and a 5 yr old running around in the morning…. to the tune of me repeating “get dressed” “are you ready yet?” etc.

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