How do I do it? With joy :)


I thought last week was slightly nuts, but this one has been ridiculously crazy. In fact, if I think about it – and I’d rather not if it’s ok with you? – this first half of the year has been nuts!

I’ve had to do a little regrouping, replanning, rescheduling, rewashing, removing parmesan cheese from areas I don’t want to know how parmesan cheese got to ….

This year, so far, things have changed considerably; the ante has been upped.

Increasingly, I’m being asked “How do you do it?”

(“It” I assume being the mother of three boys, school stuff, not stuffing the three year old in a teapot for half an hour of peace, writing for myself and others, running a blog and business, indulging in a rather lovely marriage despite the lack of time to ourselves, attending a variety of events, publicly speaking at a variety of events, making dinner every night, tactfully avoiding attending swimming lesson duty as often as possible, 8.00am basketball games, OT appointments with middle child, dinner parties once a month, filming for my presenting role on Room To Grow … did I leave something out????)

I do it with joy.

(And coffee. A considerable amount of coffee).

Nah, it’s not that “put a smile on your face and pretend everything is happy and sunny and fabulous and ok all the time kind of joy”.

The awesome peeps at Paper Mate sent me some of their InkJoy pens, so I could have a bit of a play with them.

I didn’t really need more

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