How do they work that out?

Long weekend (yes, which I only realised this morning and said “Oh, fuck, you mean there’s no school tomorrow” over breakfast) so we headed off to Echuca for the day.

Hit some place along the way and had to stop at a minute railway. Are people seriously out to screw with the minds of mothers?

Why would you place a miniature railway at a really, really obvious spot, where no one has any hope of driving past with a car containing a 6 year old train-obsessed boy?

And do they have any idea how fucking boring miniature railways can be for the mother’s of train-obsessed six year old boys?

I want to know who to sue.

Eventually made it to Echuca, found the lolly shop (bastards – again with the “in your faceness”).

Went on a paddle steamer, Monkey Boy lost his hat

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