How Murphy almost ruined swimming

Toddler swimming lessons this morning.

Which, as you know, is always fun. And I’m a big fat liar. Because it’s usually hell in a size 16 “tankini” top that refuses to house my boobs, despited the relatively largeness of size of said top. You see, I’m not a size 16. I just have huge boobs. Size 16 is the closest thing to allowing me to appear in relative decency in a public area.

When, oh when, will clothing manufacturers make tops for the larger busted. And I don’t just mean “bigger shirts” becuase, quite frankly, a size 16 shirt that will only cater for a B cup SUCKS!

Also, it makes me hate swimming lessons just that little bit more.

Not forgetting that there is also a todder involved, which could really go in any possible downward and/or spirally direction at any time with no given warning. It started when … oh, yes, I got him dressed and he decided he wanted his jarmies on.

Which is also why, yes, you person giving me glaring, down-your-nose looks and unsaid commentary on my alleged poor parenting skills, he ran in the doors at swimming wearing socks and no shoes. It is also why I forgot his shoes. I just couldn’t be arsed.

After that, however, he was most cooperative and even partcipated

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