How organised?

We left on a Family Road trip this morning.

A Stupid O’Clock kind of “this morning”. Packing car at 4am and on the road at 4.43am. Not a bad effort.

Having experienced the Family Road Trip on numerous occasions; so many that it resulted in a blanket ban of Eye Spy, both in and out of the car, I knew to be organised to a point.

Cooler bags packed with fruit, drinks and sandwiches, and the secret console in the car stuffed with lollies, chocolates and other stuff to eat whilst the kids slept on the drive. I’m not stupid, you know.

Clothes for all kinds of weather, beach paraphernalia, pillows (for sleeping comfort and screaming into), jackets handy and rechargers for the equivalent of 18 electronic devices coming with us, including, but not limited to two kinds of phone, net books, cameras and the Wii (don’t ask).

This particular Family Road Trip has, of course, coincided with the Selling Of The House and the Open For Inspections that usually accompany such phenomena. This Sale/Series Of Inspections was a minor trigger for said Family Road Trip … you know, to get us out of the house and 1600km away so we had no hope of making it even remotely messy.

It also meant that we had to have the house in Inspection Shape before we left. Yes, at 4.43am.

Grumpy was working, so I got all the special jobs, like packing everything (the result, everyone had a plethora of undies and we probably took a suitcase too many), ensuring the house was obsessively tidy, the shower and toilets scrubbed and the floor food hoovered up by the children.

I sent them off to bed as I finished the bottle of wine (I couldn’t leave it! Are you insane?!) and faced my final dilemma … what if … and there’s a good chance it could happen … on of them wets the bed.

Given all the surrounding circumstances; leaving early, tidy house, selling incentives, the chances of a piddled in bed were dramatically increased. Murphy’s Law and all that … *sigh*

Grumpy arrived home and found me dragging kids to the car. I mean, I’d already had them sleeping in their clothes for the trip, why couldn’t I just have them sleeping in the car, as well? Hmmmm?

Anyhoo, we left a neat, tidy, clean, non-peed-in house very early. And exactly 16 hours and 3 minutes later … we arrived …

Can we start our holiday now?

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