How to be Properly Lazy

Lazy is a lifetyle. You either are or you aren’t lazy. If you are going to be lazy then do it properly. Let me introduce you to a laziness expert. Here, with tips for you, is that ultimate lazy girl, Ms FeetUp from Cherry Mag.

1. Laze around and eat.

We all know that when we eat on the run we eat too quickly. That leads to heartburn and a horrible feeling that food is still stuck in your throat. The best way to eat is casually and in comfort so find a comfy couch and curl up with your treats.

2. Coffee by remote control.

Don’t get up! Did you know you can order coffee by phone ? Simply ring your partner when he is in the kitchen and place your order. Easy.

3. Lazy glamour.

Why waste all that effort putting on foundation, powder and blush? Try a bronzer instead. With one product you can make yourself look glowing and healthy. Save time, money and effort.

4. Blissful exercise.

This is an exercise that I do. So simple even you can do it. Take one packet of Tim Tams and place them in the corner of the room. Leave them there. If you really, really want one you have to get up and walk to them. This can add up to quite a number of steps after a while. Sadly, it also adds up to quite a number of calories. But don’t worry, you still did the exercise.

5. Clever decorating.

Update the look of your home simply. Buy a couple of screens, a few houseplants and some colourful storage boxes. These will let you hide everything you don’t want to be seen and store everything you can’t find a home for. Perfect. A total home makeover in one day.

There are many more things that you can do to make your day less stressful and far more lazy but you really need to go into solid training for those. Try these simple tips first and soon you will be ready to move on.



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