How to Make a Cardboard Box Jet Pack

I know there are a whole bunch of Mums out there, looking for fun, craft based ideas to do with their kids.

I also know there are a loads and loads of tutorials and Pinterest thingies, and other whosiwhatsits out there so you’re probably not looking for more “How to make” info for your kids.

Or maybe you are. Which is why you’re here. I don’t know.

Anyhoo, whatevs, here’s How to Make a Cardboard Box Jet Pack because I don’t know why.

Because making stuff out of rubbish is lots of fun for kids, and it also gets the bigger brother out of having to dispose of the in-house sized recycling bin contents into the proper, big recycling bin.

How to Make a Cardboad Box Jet Pack

  1. I don’t actually know how to make a cardboard box jet pack; I do know I was otherwise occupied and just said “yes” when asked by Chippie if he could use an empty cardboard box to make a jet pack
  2. It appears he found a couple of stray toilet roll inners, which I’m sure would have been extremely difficult to do because they are disposed of as soon as the toilet roll has been replaced. I mean, there would have only been a pile of 17 or so on the floor beside one of the toilets he could have used
  3. It also looks as though he used 48 meters of the sticky tape that he has been told not to use for craft projects
  4. I was seconded to help with straps for the Jet Pack, which I did by pointing in the vague direction of the draws that held string and curling ribbon and who knows what else
  5. I also strongly suggested the use of the more robust sticky tape, designed more appropriately for such endeavours, and found a pair of scissors which were not my Good Scissors
  6. Prevention of the use of my good felt pens and the whiteboard markers was relatively easy, and I reminded him where the textas, much suitable for activities like this, were
  7. Finally, I helped him put his Jet Pack on, and spent half an hour asking him to please stop leaping off the table, and if he was going to do so, could he ensure the floor under his feet was slightly less cluttered and likely to result in serious injury. Also, could the volume be turned down a couple of decibles.

Jet Pack

And that, my lovelies, is how one makes a Jet Pack out of bits of rubbish lying around the house, and that will end up in the rubbish again, sometime in the near future, no doubt.


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