How to salvage spilt wine

Another, incredibly busy day, little of which went to plan.

Had to choose between attending a meeting or staying home and working. Chose the latter, and ended up on phone meetings anyway.

Did a radio interview (taped) for Fox FM, follwed by much needed MUG, a live radio interview wtih ABC Coast, schedule another, organise with Grumpy to do Monday Evening Mayhem and I would grab my second walk to collect Chippie. All nicely planned around the time organised for next radio interview.

Obviously, I was a little too organised and the toddler, with his incredible perceptual abilities, wakes from his nap at childcare with a temperature of 40 degrees C and I’m called to come and collect him.

Arrive home where he happily sits verging on comatose, and saisfying me that he is, indeed, sick and not just extraordinarily perceptive. Until, of course, 30 seconds before my interview, when he decides a screaming tanty is in order.

I rummage through cupboards and the fridge, extracting food and placing it into bowls and cups, sit him in his high chair and place it in front of the babysitter, Thomas The Tank Engine DVD.

He’s onto me and my attempts at distracting him with food! Argh! If he cathces onto that, I’ve nothing left.

Wait on hold, before my live, on air interview, and utilise time to partake in further rummaging and serving of food.

Phew! Have overcome issue. He doens’t need distracting with food. He needs distracting with LOTS of food. And a DVD.

Interview completed in sutiable quiet, prepare dinner, Grumpy and kids home, and sit to eat. Yell at kids re licking the table of dropped foody bits.

Chippie, not surprisingly, refuses to eat.He does, however, embark on a sneezing fit, and Protective Mother Instincts kick in, I throw my hand across to remove his bowl so he doens’t smash his face on it and break it (it’s the last of that set, and I like it) and knock my 3/4 full glass of wine across the table.

A small amount ends up on the table, where I promply lick it off. A majority seeps into Chippie’s jacket, so I quickly remove it, squeeze what I can back into the glass, then suck on it whilst I wipe up the bit that managed to fling itself halfway across the room and into the middle of the floor.

That done, it was well and truly time for bath and bed. I have to be up early in the morning as have another big day.

I’ll just have a glass of wine

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