Hrm, that is a problem

Godzilla came to me, very upset.

It seems Chippie is asserting himself just a little too forcefully.

I have been told/reassured/talked at, unsolicited, of course and advised that “oh, he is the littlest, he has to fight to be noticed” etc etc blah blah like I have no idea about my own children. So, yes, I should know that he’s going to be more in-your-face, strong-willed, louder, hurtier etc etc to be heard.

What I’m getting at is his asserting himself is expected to be forceful.

This is a problem. Godzilla is most upset. He told me why.

“I was just unstacking the dishwasher and Chippie came up to me and picked his nose and said “do eat it!” and I didn’t want to eat his snot.”

I nodded my head and made sympathetic noises. At least, I hope that’s how my stifled laugh sounded.

“And then he said to me “say ‘des’!” and yelled at me to say ‘yes’ and I still didn’t want to eat his snot,” he added, mournfully.

I did the only thing I could. I asked him what the problem was with Toddler Snot given he gave his own snot a good sampling at regular intervals.

There was no time to listen to his reply, however, as from the hall came a slightly laughy, slighly panicked “Help me! MUUUUUM! HELP ME! I’m going to FALL!” and I meandered (as one is prone to do in my house under such dramatic circumstances as one is most used to the antics of her offspring and sees no need at all to rush) to the hall where Monkey Boy was somehow sideways and upside down on the stairs. And rapidly slipping.

Given it’s only three stairs, I wasn’t too worried. However, I probably would have uttered the same concerned and helpful “Why would you do shit like that?” if it had been considerably more. Say, a thousand stairs?


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