I always miss out

Grumpy Pants attempting to finish last assigment for his course, so I most graciously forgo several hours of my time to take Godzilla swimming.

To be honest, I’ve been hearing things about this amazing swimming teacher he has had this term.

Male – great for the kids, especially boys (I’ve read Raising Boys), they need a good male role model.

And gorgeous from the snippets I have heard. So have been quietly jealous of the fact that Grumpy has been doing swimming and I get to spend several hours in a classroom with a bunch of 5-7 year olds, doing reading and not a Harry Potter in sight. Or anything written by Mariane Keyes.

Tee hee hee, excited. Damnit. Haven’t had legs waxed since somewhere close to the turn of the century, so will “forget” bathers.

Get to swimming.

Surely that can’t be him????

Nope. Regular teacher away. Got a fill in for this week. And next term. And probably the rest of the year.

Good teacher, but not much to look at.

Damnit. I always miss out on the good stuff.

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