I am SO ready for this!


Grumpy’s birthday, but too caught up in the crap of “I don’t want to wear my school uniform” and “I don’t want that for breakfast” and “Get your own fucking breakfast I’m sick of it”.

(OK that last one was me)

Walked to school – because that was fun (NOT!!!!)

Godzilla successfully tantrumed for a full 20 minutes of the 25 minute walk, which we had to do in 18 because someone wouldn’t get bloody dressed when they were told to the first 463 times.

And only did when someone else lost the plot.

No tears from me when I dropped my now big grade one boy off at school this morning.

And bloody smart arse teachers – lordy me. Telling me the holidays were too short. People have been stabbed to death for making comments like that.

Concerns when we went to orientation at kinder, because despite Godzilla being the youngest (his birthday happens to fall on the cut off day for starting kinder), he was also happens to be in the 97th percentile for height, so he’s up there with the biggest kids.

And still

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