I can't leave the house for a moment. Not even to receive an Award

Surivived day one of the conference, dinner with a number of the other delgates – nipping home to shove a boob in the babies mouth in between – and head back again today.

Feeling only slightly better, at times, than I did yesterday. Not the conferences fault, still.

Until the lunch break, when I was invited – I had been warned – to get up and speak abou why I had started my business and where I was headed. Followed by and incredible surprise!

The presentation of the Business Mums Network Founders Award. I was, quite literally, left speachless. And most honoured. Surely there were many more deserving business mums than me.

Also felt a slight sense of … not sure what … along the lines of “thank fuck someone bloodyappreciates something I do, coz no one at home bloody notices anything”.

I leave it a bit and can’t hold it any more. In the next break I ring home and say “I WON THE BUSINESS MUMS AWARD”

“Great. Were they selling raffle tickets?” He was serious.

So I went to great lengts to prevent myself from lying in corner in foetal position and blubbering out the story and got a much more supportive response.

And then “Oh, I had to call Poisons Information today, but its ok now.”

Why, oh, why do they need to start sentences like that? “Uh huh?”

“Chippie sucked on the toilet brush just after I cleaned the toilet with bleach.”

There is so much going through my head right now – we use Enjo, thus, allegedly eliminating need for use of chemical cleaners. Of course, regular cleaning of toilet somewhat dubious, so perhaps there is a need for chemical cleaners? Unsure whether to be pissed off with supervisory skills of husband in relation to baby in vicinity of toilet brushes, or impressed that he cleaned the toilet.

Also curious as to why he is cleaning toilet.

Wonder if it will ever be safe (for children) for me

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