"I can't wait till they grow out of the Wiggles!"

“Don’t wish the time away!” you are told, almost as incessantly as “They grow so quickly!”

However, we all know how fabulous music is for your soul and your mental health, and it comes to a point, usually when you find yourself stopped at a set of traffic lights, singing “cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti” and getting your groove on some four hours since you dropped your kid off at childcare and the third time in the same week that you wish for a bit of something you really

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  1. Have never, will never, have kiddy music in the car. My ability to drive effectively would be at risk, so that shit is NOT HAPPENING. Happy to have kiddy music and nursery rhymes etc on at home. Just not in the car.

    And besides, they listened to that many loud rockin’ tunes in utero that my music settles them heheehee

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