I could get used to this. Or could I?

Up earlyish, while kids still alseep.

Happily working away, and four hours later, they’re still in bed.

Got quite a bit done. And they were up in time to have lunch, and were pretty subdued all day.

Got even more done.

Till dinner time, and then post dinner. Bath was ok, but after that they commenced bouncing around with energy. Ah, they’re still on Thai Time.


Although not normally allowed, I agreed to a movie starting later than normal. Not for any reasons, like the studies showing the effects of movies on children starting after 8pm. Just I want them to go to bed so I can sit down and have some quiet time!

Monkey Boy wanted to watch Harry Potter 5, an M rated that I let him watch 3 times before actually checking the classification code.

(When’s that Award again?)

Which is his argument every time I say “no” to him watching it again.

“But you’ve already let me watch it. Six times!”

Hmmm, I’m sure it was three.

I had the discussion about appropriateness of M rated movies for four and seven year olds, about content and about how they’re really not suitable.

He played the “lets do a deal” card. As I should have expected.

So, I gave him my deal – you can watch this one, but you are never to use the fact that I let you watch it as a reason to be allowed to watch any other M rated movie.


And at midnight, they were still bouncing around.

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