I deserve SOME recognition for this

Just arrived home after dinner with friends, for my friend’s birthday.

All kids in tow, so leaving to go was its usual chaos and accumulation of trains, cars, baby blankets, dummies, cocoons, crayons and shoes. Had fed Chippie as close to leaving time as possible, except that today he has decided he would like a bit of a snack (ok, meal – this kid never snacks) every 3 hours at a push. So anticipated a feed at the restaurant at some point.

Boobs all well again, so feeding in public not an issue anymore. Woo hooo! Just have to make sure had breast pads, breastfeeding top, light wrap for covering child when feeding, and several spare dummies. Just in case. Oh, and some spew cloths, because I was bound to be spewed on before, during or after feed. And several additional cloths. Just in case.

Added addtional paraphernalia and off we went. Calculating feed times and the pattern for the day, I figured by the time we got there, perused menu, ordered our food and drinks, he’d be needed a feed when the entrees turned up. Given that, since his birth, I have had a total of three meals (including breakfast and lunch) where I haven’t been feeding him, I was sure I could manage a couple of spring rolls whilst he guzzled away.

But he slept through the first entree, and the soup. And the bit of a gap between the soup and when the mains arrived. And the second they hit the table, he stirred, then gave a few mewling cries and then screamed, spat the dummy and screamed some more.


He’d need a feed. So I gave him one – a bit of a hand at it now, top up, bra unclasped, muslin thrown over shoulder and off we went. Except … now I was left with my left hand only free. I’m not left handed.

And we had fried rice along with several other fiddly meals. Like chicken and cashews. And you can’t be giving up the cashews.

This is my only chance. I knew if I didn’t get in now, I was gonna miss out or have to eat cold. I haven’t done that yet. I embarked upon what I thought was going to be mission impossible, or, at the very least, incredibly messy and result in me remaining very hungry.

But no! I did it. I ate an entire Chinese meal, including fried rice and four mains with chopsticks and my left hand. The chopsticks in my left hand of course. I not only did it whilst feeding a baby, but with my lovely husbands glass of wine, elbow and his own chopsticks constantly in my way. And … yes, and .. with very little spillage, save for a few grains of rice on the covering blanket.

Amazing what you can do when you need to. Or is it just that Mums are amazing?

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