I did eat my vegies!

A morning walk.

Kids off to Hi-5 with my nieces, being picked up at 11 and not back till after 4.

A sister-in-law with some time on her hands, so off we went to DFO (just up the road, very handy) and spent lots of money. Mostly on bras for me 😀

How come the nice bras only come in teensy sizes?

After four hours of shopping, a credit card that had its strip worn off and sore feet, we headed home.

The Grumpy One had invited all the rest of the family over for dinner, so we set about making salads and cheese platters, and not bothering to tidy the house. No point really.

The hordes all turned up, kids retunred home from Hi-5 alive and well and wearing silly hats (the big kids, not my two little ones) and “starving to death”.

Eventually got sorted as family drifted in over one and a half hours (makes organising dinner tricky, but we’re getting used to it) and finally sat down to eat.

Beans spilt over current maternal status, due to, surprisingly perceptive brother-in-law who caught a secret glimpse between Grumpy and I, and started a rumour. Which everyone chose to believe whether we denied it or not. Now everyone will know about it.

Dinner served.

Monkey Boy, who has always been an exceptional eater, with the possible exception of fruit, has decide he is going to be exclusively carniverous (his words). With the possible exception of pizza bases. And pasta of all sorts. Preferebly meat filled.

The two year old who would happily eat broccoli has turned into a 7 year old who would happily chew the leg off a zebra, but not much else. Fortunately, I sneak vegies into the pasta sauces as much to avoid the eating battles as anything else.

Given dinner was a bbq (again) and we had salads aplenty, I suggested he place a small amount of salad next to his half a cow.

“I did eat some!”

“No. You didn’t. Now put some on your plate. Just a little bit.”

“But I had some salad.”

“You haven’t. I’ve been watching, and you haven’t. You need to eat some vegies.”

“I did have some. I ate some fetta cheese in the salad.”

“Um, that’s not a vegetable. Its cheese.”

“Yeah. Well it was in the salad. So I still had some.”

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