I did it! … and so did they!

I know, I know. I’ve mentioned it on a number of occasions about the ability of my In-Laws to seriously piss me off by having no concept of time.

Mostly, their complete lack of ability to not only not show up on time, or within a reasonable amount of time post the agreed time (which for me is 3 minutes, but apparently society can endure up to 15 or 20 minutes before it is considered rude) but also their complete lack of acknowledgement of their tardiness, to the point of, on a few occasions, arguing with the host (ie me) about the agreed time, then having a tanty about my pissed-offedness.

I digress. Today, a meeting was organised. Well, not meeting meeting, but a meet up in a park with a picnic. I had not only been woken several times during the night and had a shit sleep, but also had to be up early for stupid hour basketball, it was freezing cold and I was pissed off. I mentioned a few of my concerns to hubby, who advised me to just “wait and see what happens” – because 13 years of being fucked around every single time

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  1. I love it! While I should firstly admit that I am shocking in the ‘on time’ department, being so predictably 15 minutes late that a good friend simply told me to be at her place 15 minutes earlier than I needed to be there one day because then she knew I’d be on time! 😉 I guess in my mind when you agree on a time, you are prepared for 15 minutes leeway either side. If you’re going to be later… pick up that new fandangled thing… what do they call it? Oh yeah, A PHONE!!!

    My extended family gatherings are hopeless… after a couple of times hosting when I was younger my mother simply gave up! Agree on 12, a few might have started arriving by 1ish… but those bringing major contributions to the main meal would often not turn up before 2pm… and sometimes that was just sending the man of the house with the food (they weren’t ready yet)… it was a nightmare! Now extended family Christmases are 70+ people, utter chaos and a total nightmare! It’s great to see them all… but boy am I glad we live in a different city and I don’t have to navigate that chaos more than once every year or two!

    And as for my in laws… don’t even get me started! 😉

  2. The pub opens at ten, therefore 11:37am is not too early for wine. In fact it is almost lunchtime therefore you should get a head start on the glass with lunch because there is probably a no-alcohol policy at the park.

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