I didn't mean it, Miss.


This morning was a continuation of last night.

Feral, feral, fucking FERAL!

Rude, obnoxious, whiney, complainy not doing anything I ask. Certianly not co-operating. In fact, going to the point of being either obstructive or destructive. Mostly both.


I had awoken, thinking I would stay and do the school parent duty things that many Mums are obliged to partake in once their first born is school aged (and preferably attending school).

After half an hour, I made the calm suggestion that if he continued in this manner, i would not be staying.

Another ten minutes later, I’m sure the neighbours had some idea of where I wasn’t going to be that morning.

I was required to ward off the inevitable “but can I just have one more chance” (7 times) before even leaving the house.

For the 25 minute walk – why oh why did I not take the car this morning? – and listen to the why’s and can’t you just change your mind’s all the way to school. I even made the attempt to explain that I was just too sad and too cross to sit in a room for 2 hours with a bunch of kids.

That didn’t sink in either.

We eventually made it to school – no homicidal acts, although it was a close call at various points along the way – and I thought I’d better warn the teacher that he was in a foul mood. Oh, and upset, because I wasn’t staying.

“He’s a bit upset this morning.”

“Oh, no! What happened?”

All sorts of things went though my mind. He’s being a fucking obnoxious little shit. Hmm, no, can’t say that to a teacher. Its been a bad morning. Maybe, but would probably have to elaborte. He’s upset because I’m not staying when I told him I was. NO! Bad mummy. Bad, bad mummy (can’t have anyone thinking that of me!). He just is, ok?! Oh, very mature.

“Um, he, um, well because, he um, he’s being a fucking obnoxious little shit!!!”

Ahem. Whoops. It just slipped out. I promise!

“Oh no. Would you like a gin and tonic? Its after 9am, you’ll be fine.”

I love Monkey Boy’s teacher!

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