I Don't Even Know What Month It Is Anymore …

Sorry I’ve been quiet.

I have a lot of things on my list right now. As you may very well understand, some weeks just have a lot more stuff to do than others.

As the end of February approaches, I can’t say I’m not relieved. Although it seems, logically, ridiculous to think that as the calendar ticks over from February 29 (this year at least) to March 1 that the world will be different. Let’s just say that Feb has been a shitty month.

Not for me. I’m good. Things are going rather well, actually. Not perfect, not fabulous, not exceptional all the time, but … yeah, life is good.

Sadly, it’s been exceptionally shitulent for far too many people I know. And not just a little bit shitulent, but signifcantly just frigging horrible. You know that thing where someone you love, care about, admire, whatever is hurting, and there is nothing you can do because … well, there’s just nothing you can do. Sometimes there’s nothing to be done, or that can be done.

It’s just shit.

So, yes, I’m rather looking forward to the end of Feb. Except that also means that this year is going along waaaaay to fast for my liking. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, right?

It’s going so quick I don’t even know what month it is half the time, much less what day it is.

I believe, and possibly quiet thankfully, I missed Dry February … oh, wait, it’s Dry July, isn’t it? Feb Fast? Is that correct?

Right now, I’ve barely got a grip on the actual real names of the months, so calling them other things isn’t really helping me much.



Or is it Steptemper?


No, Walktober.

And whatever happened to Rocktober? Is that still happening?

For a while there, I think it somehow morphed with Oktoberfest, and was really just an excuse for a big pissup.

Why the alcohol-free zone is four months futher on, I’m not quite sure. I guess Christmas, which I’m sure we could push to be changed to Decembermas, or Christember, and New Year threw a spanner in the avoidance of alcholic beverages months works.

I’m very much for supporting charitable organisations, I’m just finding it all a little overwhelming at the moment. Especially when they start mucking with the names of things I’ve been used to for many a year.

I mean, to keep myself organised, I have a plethora of calendars and organisers, and, the vital one, a wipe-downable, whiteboardy one, that I can update each month.

If someone could let me know what March is called this year (hopefully it’s Be Nice To My Friendsarch) I’d appreciate it.



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