I don't know how she does it … back by incessant nagging

Nah, not a review of the movie. Or the book. Although … hmmm …. I’d like to review them as I have much to say.


It’s again with the craziness and mayhem. Blogging events, school assemblies presentations that I must be present for, a house being prepped for auction, extra curricular activities, interstate flights for various buisnessy things, finding the time to write, organising events … and all the rest of it.

You know how it is.

Crazy. Chaotic. Mayhem.

Sooo … due to their popularity last year, and the “when are the 2012 one’s available” that went on and on and on, they are now available. Yep, my Mayhem Managers that, quite literally, keep me from going off my nut. I’ve rebranded them for Real Mums and they do look very pretty if I do say so myself 🙂

I have also tossed in a set of Mad Cow’s Original Mayhem Managers – the original (obviously) Managers that I whipped up in order to save my sanity, complete with the expected profanity, a.k.a. my state of mind at the time. This particular set contains 13 Managers, some of which are only available in the Original set.

Then there’s the four other sets, modified slightly from 2011:

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