"I don't know how you do it" Part 23

I posted Part 1 of how I “do it” last month (not sex, I know how to do that, I have three kids. Am also fairly sure those saying “I don’t know how you do it” also know how to have sex, as most of them also have children). I digress. My apologies.

By “do it” I’m referring to all the stuff I do, the balls I juggle (not excluding the testicals I also juggle), the things I’ve acheived and all the rest of it.

Before anyone gets the perception that I’m super human or calls me something stupid like a Super Mum and gets stabbed, I do have my meltdowns. In fact, here’s one I whipped up for you last week.

Part of the reason for that particular meltdown was the increasing number of times I forgot stuff (ok, and did some stupid things). I hate, with a passion, forgetting things, being late, forgetting to turn up to stuff, not sending the kids to school with notes or excursion lunches in plastic bags or whatever … for me it’s just WRONG.

I know its my stuff – my “thing” – but whenever I do this I can’t help but go the “you’re useless” route. Not to mention “worst mother in the world”. It piles up and piles up and with each thing I feel worse and worse and worse.

I also hate not being organised in the mornings. I rephrase – I’m not super organised or tidy or anything like that. But we have a system. When the system is thrown into chaos by stuff like school swimming (as happened last week and this), and excursions

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