I don't know if I can handle much more excitement!

I don’t know if I can take much more excitement.

We’ve – and by “we’ve” I mean “I’ve” – started asking around for help and making arrangements for when I’m off in Shanghai (courtesy of Coca Cola) and things are falling into place.

I did get to spend some of yesterday having my fingers smashed with a toy train and a small rubber pig shoved into my mouth, just prior to a warm, relaxing bath with the toddler attempting to extricate my left nipple from the rest of my breast with his bare hands. Then having a tantrum and attempting to bite the hand covering the now cowering nipple.

Woke up after another crappy night of sleep to the delight of my phone informing me I had a dentist appointment, which I went to not having eaten lunch and returned, starving and with an extremely numb half a face. Thankfully, we had no bread in the house, so nothing to tempt me to attempt eating and lacerating the insides of my mouth.

Or, quite possibly we do have

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  1. ah the joys of not having time to eat before the dentist… I always take that as a sign that I should stop on the way home and get a HUGE amount of flavoured milk and not share it with anyone…

    But Yay for the toilet seat!

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