I don't know where he gets the snobby attitude from

There we are, having breakfast, when the subject of our family holiday comes up.

“So, what hotel are we staying in?” asks Monkey Boy.

“We’re not staying in a hotel,” I reply. “It’s a farm stay. Your uncle sent an email last night. It’s backpacker accommodation.”


“Yup” and I explain what I think backpacker accommodation is and mention the bunk beds. Bunk beds, apparently, are cool, and we go into a lengthy argument, a week out from our holiday, on who will have top bunk.

And then ….

“So, is it Five Star backpacker accommodation?”

“Um. No. I don’t believe backpacker accommodation has a star rating. And I’m fairly certain it’s not Five Star.”

The rest of the day he just thinks I’m teasing him about the accommodation, and whilst I sit there, dreaming of floral curtains and milking cows and soaking in hot baths after

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