I feel like … I'm forgetting something

The usual Thursday morning run around, needing to be out of the house fifteen minutes earlier than every other day, head off in opposite direction to school to ditch Chippie at day care, where he screams in terror until I walk out the door, and past the window where I hear him chatting and giggling away.


Then it’s off to school dropoff, early due to day care – school thing and head off to supermarket. More specifically, the gourmet coffee shop near the supermarket, as I’m anxiety-provokingly low on beans. I had planned to go home, make MUG and work out exactly what I need to purchase for Godzilla’s party tomorrow after school, but figure as I’m there, and feel like making soup for dinner, I’ll buy supplies from the supermarket. Except they don’t have some of what I know I need for soup. And, I’m quite sure, they have lots of the stuff I don’t know that I need, as I haven’t had time to think about it.

So, I purchase a packet of teensy marshmallows, as I do know I’ll need them and come home, do some work, entertain a friend, figure I have plenty of time tomorrow to get the provisions I need, and will discuss with Grumpy Pants anyway, because we also need to work out the requirements for the family party on Sunday.

Make chicken soup instead of the minestrone I really felt like, stopped just short of using stewed apricots instead of chicken stock (excruciatingly tired at this point), eat soup, write off any possibility of making cupcakes, or any sort of cake for that matter, to take to school tomorrow to celebrate birthday there, use the excuse that some school friends are coming over and there is only so much cake they can eat, have panic when think I’ve forgotten something, remember it’s the shopping I had been going to do today but decided not to, and go to bed.

Still, the feeling is nagging at me. I’m sure it’s just chips and dips and cocktail franks …

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