I fessed up

The time had come.

After I screwed up last week with the Disappearing Chips and the No Electronics At All Until Someone Tells The Truth Because I Hate Lies debacle, I fessed up.

The kids were annoying Grumpy, whom suggested they play Skylanders or something and Monkey Boy, being completely honest says “We’re not allowed to. Remember? Someone at the chips and Mum won’t let us.”

I did pretend not to hear and let Grumpy deal with it. Grumpy dealt with it by looking at me and saying, pointedly “Yeah! I wonder who ate them?”


“I think it was me,” I said. Really, I know it was me. Not who ate them, but who dished them out to everyone.

“I had planned to put them aside, but decided to just serve them all up. As I was distracted,” and I was interrupted by a chorus of “It wasn’t me distracting you” because it never is! …

“I forgot,” I continued, “that I had emptied the pack.”

I cringed, waiting

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